Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, Third Edition


During the past ten years, thousands of new chemical raw materials and formulations have been developed, countless new marketing concepts have been tested and hundreds, if not thousands, of new cosmetic regulations have been enacted.

With the third edition of this best-selling chemistry textbook, the authors substantially update all the original material and include 21 additional chapters of brand new material to cover recent developments in the field of cosmetic science. Authors Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski re-emphasize the importance of providing introductory technical information to those who would like to improve their understanding of cosmetic science.

The four major sections of this book cover all important aspects of the cosmetic industry, including:

  • Orientation, Tools and Terms
  • Product Development
  • Cosmetic Ingredients and Vehicles
  • Product Testing

Also Available: Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, Third Edition Workbook & Study Guide
This workbook and study guide is available as a companion to the textbook in order to help guide the reader chapter by chapter through the textbook and to ensure proper comprehension of all subject matter. The workbook also is a useful teaching aid for chemistry instructors.

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