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Zombie Hair and Insights from the Living-dead Connection

"How can we create a synergy between the living and dead part of hair to give consumers the best results? We manipulate the living to improve the dead,” said Thomas Dawson, Jr., Ph.D., during the TRI-Princeton 8th International Conference on Applied Hair Science.

The Skin Microbiome: A New 'Organ' and How to Leverage It

We know the skin microbiome exists, but can the industry leverage it? Is recent interest short-lived? And are consumers ready for it? Magali Moreau, Ph.D., associate principal scientist at L'Oréal, had some answers during the Microbiome Symposium.

Health and Hair: Making the Nutrition Connection

The links between skin and overall health are well-documented, but connections to hair health are less clear. Here, the authors delve a little deeper to determine truths and myths in this area—and to identify current gaps in the research.

Gattefossé and Ambiotis Uncover Inflamm'aging Insights

Inflammation is a natural defense but when left unresolved, it can negatively impact the skin and contribute to aging. Gattefossé and Ambiotis teamed up to explore these mechanisms.

IID Brings Front-end Innovation to 'Derm-termined' Product Developers

The International Investigative Dermatology meeting is more than meets the eye—or skin. It's about future targets for innovative OTC/topical products. Just ask Rodan + Fields, Mary Kay, Estée Lauder and others.

Safeguarding Squalene: Lemon Myrtle Antioxidant for Pollution Protection and Oleostasis

Squalene becomes easily oxidized when exposed to pollution and UV radiation, which promotes skin inflammation, the production of poor-quality sebum, comedogenesis and wrinkling. Lemon myrtle leaf extract neutralizes squalene oxidation and can protect all ethnic skin types from environmentally induced oily skin, restoring oleostasis.

Industry Insight: Bugs and Beauty Sleep

We all know “beauty sleep” is the real deal. What we don’t know is how our gut microbiome impacts it. J&J is interested in this connection, as Stefanie Dhanda explained in a recent podcast. Following is an excerpt.

Nano-sized Discovery Reveals Enormous Seasonal Skin Treatment Potential

The results of a new study suggest climate can affect the skin on biochemical and ultrastructural levels. This provides new pieces to the puzzle of seasonal differences in xerosis and dermatitis.

[podcast] Author Commentary: Estelle Loing, Ph.D., on Safeguarding Squalene

Estelle Loing, Ph.D., global R&D director for IFF/Lucas Meyer, authored a new article about protecting squalene from pollution-initiated oxidation. In this podcast, she explains the inspiration for this work.

IL-17: The Key To Psoriasis and Cardiac Disease?

The Journal of American Academy of Dermatology studied the correlation between psoriasis and cardiovascular disease, as well as what could be causing it.

[podcast] Microbiome Interactions, Part II: External Forces

How do external forces or topical agents affect our skin microbiome? In part II of our podcast series on microbiome interactions, Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D., of Amway and Malcolm Kendall, of Microbiome Insights, share what's known and what's not. Listen now!

The Microbiome Movement: Commensal Cosmetics Offer a Viable Future

Various factors shape an individual’s skin microbiome, which has key effects on skin appearance and health. These are described herein, as is the potential to develop products in consideration of the microbiome.

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