Calumet Penreco Agrees to Azelis as New Distributor

March 1, 2017 | Contact Author | By: Savannah Saunders
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Keywords: Calumet Penreco | Azelis | Glenn Company | DeWolf Chemicals | cosmetics | personal care | hydrocarbon gels | petrolatum | white oils

Abstract: The Glenn Corporation and DeWolf Chemical, Azelis Americas companies, have become the new distributor of Calumet Penreco’s hydrocarbon gels, petrolatum and white oils for personal care and cosmetic applications.

Calumet Penreco, an independent hydrocarbon producer in the U.S., has announced that Azelis will be the new distributor of its hydrocarbon gels, petrolatum and white oils for cosmetics and personal care applications. Specifically, Glenn Company and DeWolf Chemical are the segments in Azelis that have signed the agreement.

Calumet Penreco operates six specialty plants in the U.S. and specializes in product blending. This helps meet specific customer requirements. The partnership between Azelis and Calumet Penreco allows for Azelis’ application lab to further develop formulas and prototypes to incorporate Penreco’s ingredients.