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The Future of Beauty x Wellness

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The intersection of wellness and beauty will reshape the industry in the coming years.

The intersection of wellness and beauty has defined the last few years of brand innovation and led to a rethinking of retail categories. During Beauty Accelerate Virtual (October 18-21, 2021), a range of experts will explore what's next for this exciting innovation space. 

In "Personalization of Wellness and Beauty," Euromonitor's Irene Chang will discuss how today’s beauty consumers reject the “one size fits all” mold that was once the standard of the beauty industry.

She will also explore the core components of digitalization, how its acceleration is redefining the beauty consumer experience, and highlight which beauty categories and brands are experiencing heightened demand in personalization.

During "Psychodermatology and Skin Aging: The Mind-Skin Connection," John Koo, M.D., will lead a face-to-face virtual roundtable discussion that gives a clinician’s view of connections between mental stress and skin aging.

This session will allow attendees to tap into these insights to inspire product concepts with the potential to improve consumers' state of mind and subsequently, skin condition.

Koo will also present a conference-wide talk on the same talk during the event.

"Re-think Antioxidants: Raise Your Bar for Current ‘Standard of Care,’" led by Sytheon's Manpreet Randhawa, Ph.D., will discuss how vitamins C and E have been used for ages as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress by scavenging reactive oxygen species (ROS).

While most innovations in the antioxidant category have been focused on stability and bioavailability, Randhawa will present a next-gen antioxidant that quenches/scavenges ROS, chelates transition metal ions and enhances the internal antioxidant defenses on a cellular level. 

Finally, "Wellness and Care Through Cholesterols," presented by Evonik's Frank Schmidtmann, will note that cholesterols account for one-third of intercellular lipids in skin. Beyond conventional cholesterol, several of its derivatives offer functional benefits in skin and sensory benefits in formulations.

Biosynthetic precursors to cholesterol also offer biological benefits, e.g., the innate production of vitamin D and skin-protecting peptides. This presentation will provide an overview of this ingredient class and highlight interesting examples of the benefits formulators can leverage.



Hear more on this topic at Beauty Accelerate VirtualTaking place from Oct. 18–21, 2021, this 100% virtual event features live Q&A sessions, digital roundtables and more, giving attendees access to industry experts. On-demand options also cater to global attendees. Education sessions and panel discussions will inspire novel product ideas, convey solutions to innovation challenges and illuminate emerging trends as beauty resurges from the past year.

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