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Free Webinar: Probiotic Beauty Trends

Naturally Functional: Top Probiotic Beauty Trends will explore the potential benefits of probiotics in skin care, body care and hygiene, scalp care and other applications, as well as offering a survey of recent product trends and expert market insights.

BASF Breaks Through Pollution, Sebum, UV and Patch Testing During IFSCC Congress

Anti-pollution, oily skin, advanced sunscreens and more spanned the breadth of BASF's research presented during the IFSCC 2018.

Champions of Cosmetic Science Celebrated at IFSCC 2018

The closing IFSCC 2018 gala honored excellence and innovation in cosmetic science.

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit Gets Up Close and Personalized

The theme for the summit, “Up Close and Personalized,” addresses the challenges and opportunities that come along with besoke beauty and skin care. More than 20 different speakers will take the stage during the event.

[video] Hair Dye, Color Correctors and Tariffs: News and Insights

Missed anything from the past week in cosmetic R&D? Catch up on tariff repercussions, alternative ingredients and insights from the 2018 IFSCC Congress through the link.

Skin Care Gets Emotional at IFSCC

Researchers looked at skin care from a new perspective—a psychological one—during IFSCC 2018 in Munich.

Active Packaging Debuts at IFSCC 2018

Packing serves many functions, the latest of which is antimicrobial efficacy. Milica Stevic, of the London College of Fashion, explained further during the IFSCC 2018 Congress.

3 Dimensions in Hair Dyes Revealed at IFSCC 2018

An entirely new, 3D class of physical hair dyes meeting key criteria for functionality, color creation and special effects was presented during the IFSCC Congress.

Opening IFSCC Ceremony Breaks Down Future Directions—and Dance

Future directions for both the industry and planet were part of the take-home messages given at the IFSCC 2018 Opening Ceremony; punctuated by world-renowned breakdancers in lederhosen.

[video] Animal Testing Ban, Matte Lip Color and 'Mechanoceuticals': News and Insights

Has your mind wandered to the IFSCC next week? If so, and you missed this week's news, don't worry; here's Rachel Grabenhofer with your video recap.

[video] Cosphatec Moves in 'Alternatives' Direction

The company has made concerted efforts toward alternative preservation, D5 replacements and more.

in-cosmetics Latin America Shines a Light on Fragrance

Among the fragrance and ingredients offerings at this year’s show are the in-cosmetics Latin America Fragrance Trail, which will guide visitors through the fragrance houses, producers and extract and raw materials distributors who offer fragrance-related ingredients and solutions.

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