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Video: Bling is Big in Makeup Packaging

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Bling is big this year when it comes to packaging makeup.

GEKA Beauty debuted its epicEYES mascara in shiny rose gold-colored packaging at MakeUp in New York while Albea and a number of other international brands like EFA Packaging also showed off shiny metallic personal care and cosmetics packaging options. Even contract manufacturers like Kim Piere from Classic Cosmetics said "high gloss, high shine" is still on trend for what's inside the packaging, like lip gloss and eye shadows, as consumers' love of shimmer hasn't slowed down. 

Anomatic’s vice president of marketing, Steve Rusch, showed newly launched options for metallic packaging: vacuum metallization, flexographic printing and an iridescent finish.

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For instance, the company’s vacuum metallization PVD process is “primarily used for very ornate shapes to complement all of the metal packaging that we do,” said Rusch.

Flexographic offset printing allows for printing on anodized aluminum, plastics, all different resins and glass. And for the first time in over a decade, the company now has a new anodized finish: an iridescent finish in a variety of colors.

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