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4 Ways Active Ingredients Can Drive Consumer-preferred Beauty Innovation

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Stem cells, biotech and other innovation areas will drive future growth in anti-aging, skin care and other key categories, according to a new report.

The $365 million U.S. active ingredient market is driven by consumers' desire for more efficacious products and their willingness to pay a premium for solutions that offer results, according to a new Kline Group report. The analysis identified four key areas that will spur the most opportunities in anti-aging, anti-pollution, skin care and other growth-leading categories.

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1. Marine Ingredients

Marine ingredients are derived from natural sources offer functionality in anti-aging and other key categories. Recent launches in the category include:

2. Stem Cells

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Stem cell-based innovations offer sustainability and efficacy in skin care and other categories, according to Kline. Recent launches in the category include:

3. Osmolytes

Osmolytes can regulate the fluid balance, oxygen levels and volume of skin cells. Recent launches in the category include:

4. Biotechnology

Biotechnology will expand faster than any other active ingredient segment, according to Kline, in part due to the versatility of the technology. Recent launches in the category include:

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