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We Lilac It A Lot: Meet the Color Taking Over for Millennial Pink

Pink may be worn on Wednesdays, but lilac is hoping to stake a claim on the remaining days of the week.

The Hottest Beauty Trends of Summer 2018

Pinterest has announced the most popular summer beauty trends among its pinners.

The Skinny: Curology Releases Results of Skin Care Study

The survey, which had 1,001 respondents ages 18 and over, showcases the different ways in which men and women approach skin care.

Editor's Note: Pixie Dust Memories

Grand View Research cites growing health awareness as a driver behind demand for natural skin and hair care. This points to a more “functional” aspiration for naturals. Innovators continue to demonstrate impressive feats in these areas; these are the focus of the current issue.

Makeup Products Thrive During Music Festival Season

Many beauty marketers use the annual music festival season as an opportunity to launch new products specifically for festival attendees.

Clarifying Shampoos Gain Popularity in Salons and Retail

Kline Group attributes the growth of clarifying shampoos to the increased focus on consumers' overall health and well being.

Global Premium Cosmetics Market Slated to Grow

In its latest market research report, Technavio projects the global premium cosmetics market to grow between 2018–2022, driven by skin care.

'Spiraling Demand' for Vegan Cosmetics Triggers Market Growth

The demand for vegan cosmetics stems primarily from millennial consumers as they "find cruelty towards animals unethical and are spreading awareness against this act."

Beauty and Personal Care 2018: 5 Key Insights

"Emerging disruptive and digital players are luring in younger consumer cohorts and aging populations are identifying beauty with new means to healthy aging and a more youthful appearance."

Skin Care Products Market to Reach $177 Billion by 2024

The U.S. skin care products market is anticipated to exceed $19.7 billion by 2024.

[podcast] Biggest Consumer Concerns in Hair

"Today’s concerns are the same as they always have been," says Trefor Evans, Ph.D. "Although every now and then, a new attribute comes along." Learn more in this exclusive podcast and at the TRI-Princeton International Conference on Applied Hair Science.

Sunny Disposition: Sun Care Products Among Fastest-Growing in Professional Skin Care

This growth was mainly driven by the growing demand for sun protection as marketers, physicians and estheticians increasingly push the use of daily SPF.

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