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The Top 5 Product Benefits During Coronavirus

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Staying safe and healthy is top-of-mind for consumers during the global pandemic.

As the world slowly adjusts to the “new normal,” consumers seem to have only one thing on their mind: stay safe and stay hygienic.

According to research from Nielsen Bases, consumers now believe that product claims focused on killing germs, providing immunity and overall health promotion are more relevant than claims around naturalness, sustainability, quality and brand.

Nielsen Bases Quick Screen research has also identified the top five product benefits that consumers are willing to spend more for during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic:

  1. Protects family against germs and bacteria
  2. Kills germs and bacteria in an effective way
  3. Kills germs and bacteria in a natural way
  4. Keeps my immune system strong
  5. Keeps my family safe from diseases

For more information please visit www.nielsen.com.

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