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Editor's Note: Consumer-centric Cosmetics

Consumers are embracing personalized cosmetics which is why "consumer drivers" is the name of the game for our September issue.

Consumer Misconceptions of Fragrance-free Products

A recent report from Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc. and Natural Marketing Institute shows that many consumers don’t actually know what products are fragrance-free.

90% of US Cosmetic Consumers Use Makeup with Skin Care Benefits

"At the same time, the consumer mindset today places greater emphasis on taking care of the skin in order to prevent flaws, rather than covering up flaws as they appear."

One-third of American Dads Want to Prevent Signs of Aging

"But the discrepancy between the number of men interested in preventing the signs of aging and the number of products touting these benefits indicates a significant opportunity for anti-aging personal care products specifically formulated for and marketed to men."

Editor’s Note: Outgrowth of Innovation

This edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries penetrates, reconstructs, nourishes and seals in novel solutions to address underlying hair issues and formulation challenges.

What Consumers Expect from Skin Care in 2018

The report, titled "Segmenting Consumer Skin Care Expectations," analyzed data from Euromonitor International’s 2017 Beauty Survey of online consumers in 20 markets.

[video] Mintel's Top 4 Trends in Beauty

What's Mintel's take on the top trends in beauty? We found out during in-cosmetics Global. In this video, Andrew McDougall shares his insights.

[UPDATE] Men Are More Open to Ingestible Skin Care Than Women

"Men have long been growing in importance as consumers of skincare, and our research shows this applies to ingestible products just as much as topical. The potential of the male beauty from within market is huge.”

70% of Cocotique Subscribers Prefer to Wear Hair Natural

"Women of color have a wide range of textures and it's difficult to determine which product works best for a particular texture. It's important for companies to embrace and celebrate this uniqueness."

[podcast] How Nutrition Translates to Beauty, Part IV: Consumer and Client Interest

Are consumers and clients interested in or demanding nutricosmetic products? This five-part podcast series with Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., and Alan Dattner, M.D., considers the impact of nutrition on beauty. In part IV, we consider consumer demand.

The ‘Skin’ Crowd: Emerging Trends for Technology in Skin Care

As skin care becomes more scientific, consumers are making it a point to better understand their products. Apps and brands tailoring to the consumer experience are amassing a growing following, leading to shifts in purchasing dynamics.

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