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On-the-Go Consumers Seek Out Quick-Fix Beauty Products

Many of these products, specifically facial masks, highlight the specific count of seconds or minutes it takes to see results directly in the product name.

This is What Your Zodiac Sign Smells Like...

On average, 80% of people prefer their zodiac sign’s perfume over the other 11.

Faking It: Counterfeit Cosmetics Run Rampant on Social Media

According to a new report from online brand protection company Red Points, 50% of all online infringement detections are found on social networking sites.

HelloAva Harnesses AI and Human Expertise to Find Skin Care Products

"Through the power of big data, Ava recommends products by understanding your skin's unique characteristics. Our scientific expertise and extensive ingredient library boost the accuracy of your personalized recommendations. Based on your feedback, we get to know you better and our product recommendations will become more accurate."

Non-traditional Strategies on the Road to Retail

How to respond to the shifting retail buying landscape with social media engagement, influencer partnerships and strategies that expand beyond brick and mortar.

The Case for Mass Vs. Class

How beauty channels really work, and where your brand belongs.

Transformation in Body Care

While facial care continues to account for the lion’s share of skin care total value sales, body care has been going through a transformation period, driven by innovation and further expansion into emerging markets.

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