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Market Watch

Stability Stays Prevalent in Premium Cosmetics Market
In an infographic, Euromonitor International shows a breakdown of the value shares of the premium beauty industry's top 10 players.
Consumers Embracing Texture Leading to Big Changes in Hair Care
By: Michelle Breyer
Do you buy your hair care products based on your skin color? TextureMedia's Texture Trends report investigates how an increasingly multi-racial population is changing the way hair care products are marketed and retailed to consumers.
Scientists Find Warning Labels May Not Scare Consumers Away
Scientists at INSEAD in Singapore, Tel Aviv University and New York University have found that rather than scaring consumers away, warnings on drug labels can improve consumers’ opinions and increase product sales when there is a delay between seeing the ad and deciding to buy or consume the product.


Jeen Combines Organic Acids and Boosters for Alternative Preservation
Jeen International Corp. has combined organic acids and efficacy boosters in a glycerin base to offer formulators an alternative to traditional preservatives.
Lubrizol Introduced High-foam, Plant-based Surfactant for Cleansing
Lubrizol Advanced Materials has created a concentrated, plant-based surfactant that provides rich creamy foam in cleansing applications.

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