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Market Watch

Unilever, University of Liverpool Partner to Research Next Generation of Renewable Chemicals
The three-year project will involve developing renewable chemicals from the surplus sugars, fats, oils and carbohydrates produced via commodity byproducts and forestry wastes.
BB Cream Launches in US Increase Nearly 50% Since 2012
Reported usage for other color cosmetic products include 53% for mascara, 48% for lip gloss, 45% for lipstick, eye liner and foundation, 43% for blusher, 42% for eye shadow, and 40% for powder.
African Consumers Worldwide Unhappy with Hair Care Options
In a new report on African consumers and their behavior in the hair care market, Diagonal Reports shows a rise of the "chemophobe" consumers, as well as how online retail and engagement is changing expectations.


New Research Highlights Role of Elastin in Stretch Mark Formation
Personal genetics company 23andMe has conducted a genetic study on striae distensae (stretch marks) to identify genetic markers for the skin imperfections and determine why some individuals are more susceptible.
Study finds UV Nail Lamps to Be Safe
Researchers from Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories have found that UV nail lamps are safe and to not cause cancer. After the lamps became popular in the last few years for curing non-chip gel nail polish, many began to question their safety.

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