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Comparatively Speaking: Solubility vs. Extraction
By: Anthony J. O'Lenick Jr., Siltech LLC
In this installment of "Comparatively Speaking," industry expert Tony O'Lenick describes the difference between solubility and extraction, and how various extraction techniques can be used to isolate desired cosmetic actives.
PCPC Announces Support for Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012
The Personal Care Product's Council and the Safe Cosmetics Alliance have both announced their support for H.R. 4395, a bill introduced by Representative Leonard Lance known as the Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012.


Silicones for Shine and Conditioning in Hair Care
At In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, Bluestar Silicones added two silicones to its Mirasil line, one designed to add shine and one designed to condition.
Cherry Seed Oil for Hydration and Antioxidation
Earthoil Plc has sourced sour cherries to create an oil that provides hydrating and antioxidant benefits to cosmetic products.
White Bird of Paradise Skin Revitalizer
Lonza Personal Care launched its Vivillume active derived from White Bird of Paradise to restore skin’s youthful appearance.

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