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November 07, 2007

  • New OASIS Group to Promote Organic, Sustainable Standards in Health & Beauty

  • Alternative Testing or Testing Alternatives?

  • Comparatively Speaking: Utility vs. Design Patent

  • REACH Update: November 2007
    This edition of C&T Today, welcomes a regular “REACH Update,” by Annelie Struessmann, PhD, of CONUSBAT to keep formulators, chemists and R&D managers updated of changes in the legislation... - Full story

    New OASIS Group to Promote Organic, Sustainable Standards in Health & Beauty
    OASIS is a newly formed organization dedicated to verifiable standards that support and promote organic and sustainable production for health and beauty products. ... - Full story

    Cosmetic Actives Webinar--Join Now
    Catch up on the latest in current actives and their delivery by logging on to attend C&T magazine’s free Cosmetic Actives webinar... - Full story

    Protein-protected Emollient Spheres
    A new oilbody line of ingredients utilizes a technology in which the protein-protected emollient spheres are harvested fully intact and without traditional chemical seed crushing methods... - Full story

    Conditioning Agents for Hair Formulations
    Inolex Chemical Company has launched two new conditioning technologies that are designed for hair care formulations... - Full story

    High Foaming Sulfate-Free Shampoo
    The following formula is for a shampoo that is free of sulfates and provides a high foaming capability... - Full story

    Do you think it is beneficial for countries to have a number of groups striving to regulate natural and organic products or do you think each country should have one group dedicated to the cause?
    Cast Your Vote Here

    Alternative Testing or Testing Alternatives?
    Johann Wiechers, PhD, writes: I am driving in a taxi somewhere with a female colleague when she asks me an intriguing question. “Tell me, Johann, how would you measure breast firming?” ... - Full story

    Comparatively Speaking: Utility vs. Design Patent
    Industry expert Tony O'Lenick looks at the difference between a utility and a design patent... - Full story

    Expert Authors, Thorough Research
    Written by some of the most respected names in the industry, Oils of Nature provides information on salient properties of certain naturally occurring oils, waxes and esters used in the formulation of personal care products... - Full story

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