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February 2021

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Digital Exclusives/​Features

[podcast] Has Disease Prevention Reached Hair Care?

Michele Behrens with Lisa Marie Garcia and Roy Joseph, Ph.D., Farouk Systems

[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: 'Hair-raising' Insights on Anti-aging

Rachel Grabenhofer with Tomonobu Ezure, Ph.D., Shiseido

How Damaged is Hair? Part I: Surface Damage

Trefor A. Evans, Ph.D., TRI Princeton, Princeton, NJ USA

Cosmetics & Toiletries Hair Care Formulary

Michele Behrens

Formulating Articles

Advocating Curls: Optimizing Textured Hair Product Preservation

Kristin Treiber, Susanne Schmidt and Christine-Trang Schlesinger, Schülke & Mayr GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany

Formulating Forum: Terms and Condition(er)s for Today’s Consumers

Nicola Lionetti, Rigano Labs, S.r.L., Milan

Clean and Simple: Cyclic Glucamide as a Natural Solubilizer and Preservative Booster

Petra Schaal, Ph.D., Gundula Starkulla, Ph.D., and Catherine Breffa, Ph.D., Clariant Produkte GmbH, Germany

Research Articles

Scalp Care 101: Biology, Conditions and Formulating Answers

Pascal Yvon, Alban Muller International, Coral Gables, FL USA

Targeting Unsaturated Fatty Acids to Reduce Scalp Inflammation—A Proposal

Xianting Lin and Misa Nakamura, Beauty Hi-tech Innovation Co., Ltd.; Yalin Wang, Yunnan Baiyao Group Healthcare Products Co., Ltd.; and Jianzhong Yang, Port Island, Kobe, Japan

Testing Articles

Simple and Sensorial: Amino-modified Silicone Protects and Revives Hair

Nisaraporn Suthiwangcharoen, Ph.D., Bethany Prime, Beth Johnson and Dawn Carsten, Dow Consumer Solutions, Midland, Michigan, USA

Market Data Articles

Expert Opinions: Hair Repair and Damage Control

Richard Giles, Ashland; Donna Petretti, Croda Inc.; Franziska Wandrey, PH.D., Mibelle AG Biochemistry ; Juliana Mancini Gomiero, Lubrizol Life Science Beauty; Aude Lemoine, Croda UK

Industry Insight: Antibacterial Functionality Enters Hair Care

Michele Behrens, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lisa Marie Garcia and Roy Joseph, Ph.D., Farouk Systems

Editor’s Note: Hair Care Stands Steady

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries