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November/​December 2020

Table of Contents:

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Halal Regulations: Where Culture and Cosmetics Meet

Luigi Rigano, Ph.D., ISPE srl, Milan, Italy

Formulating Articles

Natural Challenges: Formulating Vegan Lipstick

Lena Bailby, Oriflame R&D, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

A ‘Mosaic’ of Sensory Stimuli: Building Consumer Experiences

Nicola Lionetti, Rigano Labs, S.r.L., Milan

Cosmetics & Toiletries Color Formulary

Michele Behrens

Research Articles

Hand Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Part III

Robert Y. Lochhead, Ph.D., and Margaret Lochhead, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS; Continued from Part II (see October 2020)

Breaking Down Barriers: Halal Nail Polish and the Islamic Perspective

Mariam Abou-Dahech and Gabriella Baki, Ph.D.; University of Toledo, Toledo, OH USA

Color Developments: Advances in Hair Dye Within the Last Decade

Alex Chan, Ph.D., and Chao Zhang, Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Regulatory Articles

Regulating Risk: Fragrance Safety for the 21st Century

Steve Herman, Diffusion LLC, New York

Market Data Articles

Expert Opinions on Color Cosmetics: Mask-proof Claims and More

T.C. Duzick, Sensient; E. Leroy, Solvay; A. Douchin, IFF/Lucas Meyer; R. Vaiarelli, EMD/Merck KGAA; K. Benditt, Elementis; J. Droux, Clariant; and G. Lee, BASF Colors & Effects

Industry Insight: Color Highlights and Lowlights in 2020

Rachel Grabenhofer

Color Cosmetics: Down But Not Out

Rachel Grabenhofer