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September 2020

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Digital Exclusives/​Features

Caprylyl Glycol/Phenethyl Alcohol Blend for Alternative Preservation of Cosmetics

Paola Ziosi, Stefano Manfredini, Alberta Vandini and Silvia Vertuani, University of Ferrara; and Massimo Fraternali, Arkema Fine Chemicals

Expert Opinions: Hand Hygiene and Care

Lucie Antunes, Symrise; Michael J. Fevola, Ph.D., INOLEX, Inc.; Betina Z. Ramos, Ph.D., Nanovetores Group; Marie Arzel, Solvay; Tim Pulleyn, Stephenson

Cosmetics & Toiletries Bath and Shower Formulary

Michele Behrens

Formulating Articles

Antimicrobial Boost: EDTA for Robust Yet Low-preservative Natural Formulas

Yoshiko Miyahara and Kana Arita; Kao Corp., Tochigi, Japan

Formulating Forum: Crafting ‘Clean’ Beauty Means Returning to the Basics

Nicola Lionetti; Rigano Labs, S.r.L., Milan

‘Preservative-Free’dom: Isopentyldiol as an Auxiliary Antimicrobial*

Mitsumasa Kaneko and Akinobu Takeda; Kuraray Co., Ltd., Tokyo

Research Articles

Hand Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Part I

Robert Y. Lochhead, Ph.D., and Margaret Lochhead University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

CBD in Cosmetics: A Practical Primer

Paul C. Lessard, Ph.D.; Varin Science, LLC, Aptos, CA USA

Testing Articles

Testing Tactics in Hair: Equipment—A 'Buyer's Guide'

Trefor A. Evans, Ph.D.; TRI Princeton, Princeton, NJ USA

Market Data Articles

Industry Insight: Hand Sanitizer Insanity and Formulating By the Book

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries with Bob Lochhead, Ph.D., and Margaret Lochhead, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS USA

Editor’s Note: C&T Sticking the Landing

Rachel Grabenhofer

Evoking Emotion: Bathing for Mind, Body and Self-care

Katerina Steventon, Ph.D.; FaceWorkshops LLC, York, UK