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May 2020

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Product Roundup

May 2020 Product Roundup

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Expert Opinions: COVID-19. Now What?

Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries; Shaheen Majeed, Sabinsa Cosmetics; Lee Reuveni, Jojoba Desert; Bernardo Medeiros, Lubrizol; and Jim Fitterling, Dow

Expert Opinions: Skin Care and Emotion

Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries; Stefan Hettwer, Ph.D., Rahn AG; Patrick Foley, Ph.D., P2 Science

Cosmetics & Toiletries Skin Care and Health Formulary

Michele Behrens

Formulating Articles

Blooming with Benefits: Ancient Clove Bestows Modern Antioxidant, Skin Whitening Effects

Brianna Scacchi, Brian Costello, Joseph Ceccoli and Paul Lawrence, Ph.D., Biocogent, LLC, Stony Brook, NY

Research Articles

Cerebral Beauty: Emotions and Aging, an Ayurvedic Analysis

Shilpi Jain, Skinveda, Plano, TX

Back to Basics: Fragrance in Cosmetics—'Simple' and Psychological

Vinay K. Singh, Ganesha Personal Care, Mumbai

Epidermal Evolution: Rhythm, Stress and Touch Response

Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., FaceWorkshops LLC, York, UK

Regulatory Articles

Certified 'True': Food Virtues in Beauty, Part I

Laura Lam-Phaure and Gabriella Baki, Ph.D., University of Toledo, Toledo, OH USA

Testing Articles

Melatonin: An Ancient Protector for Modern Skin Care

Robert Holtz, Ph.D., BioInnovation Labs, Inc. Denver, USA

Market Data Articles

Editor's Note: Bag of Emotions

Rachel Grabenhofer

Industry Insight: How Emotions Can Supercharge Cosmetics

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries and John Jimenez, Belcorp, Colombia