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2020 Issues

November/​December 2020

Color Highs and Lows

Fragrance Allergens

Halal Nail Polish

Natural Vegan Lipstick

Hair Dye Developments

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October 2020

Mitigating 'Maskne'

Antioxidant Anti-aging

Hand Hygiene

Anti-acne Care

Mineral Sunscreens

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September 2020

Hand Hygiene and Health

Bathing and Self-care

CBD in Cosmetics

Formulating 'Clean Beauty'

Minimizing Preservatives

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July/​August 2020

Green and Sustainable Virtues in Beauty

Natural Antimicrobial Defense

Antiviral Skin Response

USDA BioPreferred, Explained

Renewable Skin Hydration

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June 2020

Dual Hair Defense

Affixing Color and Care

Scalp Care to Halt Hair Loss

Gentle Skin Cleansing

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May 2020

Emotion and Skin Aging

Food Virtues in Beauty

COVID-19. Now What?

Anicent Clove for Modern Skin Care

Fragrance: A 'Simple' Pleasure

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April 2020

Validating Sunscreen Safety

Weighing SPF Test Alternatives

Sun Care Myths and Claims

Mild Malodor Control

Assets of Aloe

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March 2020

Embracing Sustainability

Lipstick Lowdown: Dispersion Matter

Upcycled Actives from Rubber Tree

Biodegradable and Green: Cosmetic Ethics

Managing the Microbiome in Atopic Dermatitis

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February 2020

Defying Damage in Textured Hair

Validating Curly Hair Product Claims

How Water Resistance Impacts Rheology

Designing Water-saving Surfactants

Hair Care Formulary

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January 2020

Biofilms and the Skin Microbiome

Routine Better Benefits Skin

Safer Sweat Control

Anti-aging of the Lips

Sunscreen Risk vs. Efficacy

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