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November/​December 2017

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Editor's Note: Health and 'Swell'ness

Rachel Grabenhofer

Facial Sheet Masks on the Go: Reviving the Face

Luigi Rigano, Ph.D., ISPE srl, Milan

Microbeads Then and Now: Polyethylene and Alternative Next-gen Abrasives

Saroja Narasimhan, Ph.D., and Jon Toliver, Johnson & Johnson, Skillman, NJ USA

Gone in a ‘Flash’: Night Sweats Subside with a Novel Astringent Peptide Spray

Stacy Mundschau, YoenJung Lee, Scott Wenzel, Jeff Seidling, Emmalee Nichols, John Nichols, Jocelyn Clark-Greuel, Lung Fai Wong and Luke Kohtala, Kimberly Clark, Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

Research Articles

Industry Insight: CAS9 and CRISPR Technology, Implications for Cosmetics?

Rachel Grabenhofer with Stanley Qi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Survey of Skin Research Findings

Rachel Grabenhofer

A New Code for Skin Care: RNAi to Rewrite Cosmetics, Part I

Paul Lawrence, Ph.D., and Joseph Ceccoli, Biocogent, LLC, Stony Brook, NY

Regulatory Articles

Cosmetovigilance Connections: Safety and Concerns Over Light-cured Gel Nails

Chris Flower and Emma Meredith, Ph.D., Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association, London

Testing Articles

Shrinking Pores at Their Core: Gallic Acid Derivate Controls ROS and Sebum Factors

H. Chajra, A. Scandolera, M. Meunier and M. De Tollen, Givaudan Active Beauty, Toulouse and Pomacle, France

Market Data Articles

The Future of Spas and Wellness: Saunas in the Limelight

Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., FaceWorkshops, LLC