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May 2017

Table of Contents:

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Guiding Sunscreen Traffic Across the Globe

Karen Yarussi-King, Global Regulatory Associates, Inc., Raleigh, N.C. USA

Halal Regulations: Where Culture and Cosmetics Meet

Luigi Rigano, Ph.D., ISPE srl, Milan, Italy

Formulating Articles

Don’t Count On Genetics, Sunscreens are the Best Bet

Rachel Grabenhofer

Make the Color Connection: The Art and Science of Shade-matching with Pigments

Stacey House and Edward Bartholomey, Kobo Products, Inc., South Plainfield, NJ USA

Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Skin Cleansing

Rachel Grabenhofer

Research Articles

K-beauty A to Z: An Interview with Janice Kang

Rachel Grabenhofer

Dermal-epidermal Separation, Part II: Enzymatic Digestion

Ying Zou, Shanghai Skin Disease Hospital, Shanghai and University of California, San Francisco, and Howard I. Maibach, M.D., University of California, San Francisco

The Name's Bond, H-F Bond. Leveraging Divergent Fluorine Forces

Giovanni Pantini, Studio 24, Milan

K-beauty: Eastern Ritual vs. Western Pace, Adopting a Mindset

Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., Independent Skincare Consultancy East Yorkshire, UK

Regulatory Articles

Editor's Note: Little Jars, Big Effects

Rachel Grabenhofer

Cosmetovigilance and Safety Assessment in the World of Active Ingredients

Robert Ross-Fichtner, Angela Mazza, MD, and Anna Schwanke, Focal Point Research Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

Testing Articles

Reaching a Zen-like State in Skin: Biomimetic Peptide to Balance Sensitivity

Estelle Loing, Ph.D., IFF/Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, Québec (Québec), Canada