Table of Contents:

January 2017

Formulating Articles

Safer Solar Protection: Going Beyond UV Defense, Part I

By: John Stanek, CoValence Laboratories, Inc., Chandler, AZ USA; Shyam Gupta, Ph.D., Bioderm Research, Scottsdale, AZ USA

Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Sun Protection

By: Rachel Grabenhofer

Research Articles

Building Cosmetics to Boost Self-confidence: An Interdisciplinary Approach

By: Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., FaceWorkshops, LLC, Manchester, U.K.

Unexpected Paths to Sunscreens

By: Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Managing Editor, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Perking Up Skin: Green Coffee Promotes Barrier Recovery, Turn Over and Lightening

By: C. Zappelli and F. Cicotti, Vitalab srl, Naples, Italy; A. Tito, A. Carola, A. De Lucia, L. Sena, A. Tortora and M. Bimonte, Arterra Bioscience, Naples, Italy; M. Cucchiara, Intercos SpA, Agrate Brianza (MI), Italy; and F. Apone and G. Colucci, Vitalab sr

Regulatory Articles

Effective Sunscreens for Everyone Under the Sun

By: Christopher Flower, Ph.D., Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association, London

Canada's Revolution for Consolidating Self-care Products

By: Robert Ross-Fichtner and Dayna Lozon, Focal Point Research Inc., Mississauga, ON

Testing Articles

Skin Barrier Impaired? Two 'TEWLs' to Tell

By: Yi Ann Den, Slobodanka Tamburic, Mustafa Varcin, Caroline Searing and Melissa Chan, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK

The Best Sunscreen? The One People Will Use.

By: Craig Bonda, Inception Partners, LLC

Enhanced with Critical Thinking

By: Rachel Grabenhofer