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June 2016

Table of Contents:

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Hair Health Starts With the Scalp

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Formulating Articles

Combing Through Sun and Pollutant Effects on Hair

Trefor A. Evans, Ph.D.

Long Live Dead Hair

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Preserving Products Naturally: 'Non-chemical' Preservation Keeps Product Stable Sustainably

Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Dell’Acqua Consulting, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Hair and Scalp Care Go Hand-in-Hand

Luigi Rigano, Ph.D., Rigano Laboratories S.r.l., Milan, Italy

C&T Formulary: Sensitive Skin and Baby Care

Cosmetics & Toiletries editors

Is the Damage Done? Reduce and Repair Hair Color Damage

Jennifer M. Marsh, Ph.D., The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Research Articles

What is Light? A Brief History of Light and Its Behavior

Craig Bonda, Inception Partners, LLC, Winfield, IL USA

Skin Care Gets a Good Rub Down: The Role Massage Plays in Cosmetic and Skin Care

Christina Phuong and Howard I. Maibach, MD, Department of Dermatology, University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA

Regulatory Articles

Making Hair (Claims) Do What You Want

Karen Yarussi-King, Global Regulatory Associates, Inc., Clayton, North Carolina, USA

Testing Articles

Nonreactive Paths to Internal Changes: Modifying Hair’s Structure from the Inside, Part 2

Trefor A. Evans, Ph.D., TRI-Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Heat Protection Getting Warmer: Specialty Silicones for Hair

Sabrina Marchioretto, Sylvain Massé, Charlène Fournier and Pierre Descamps, Dow Corning Europe SA, Seneffe, Belgium