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May 2015

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Digital Exclusives/​Features

Topical Delivery of Vitamin D for Well-being

Celeste Hilling, Skin Authority, Carlsbad, CA USA

Formulating Articles

Bakuchiol to Stabilize Retinol and Polyunsaturated Lipids

Ratan K. Chaudhuri, PhD, Sytheon Ltd., Boonton, NJ US; and Boxin Ou, PhD, International Chemistry Testing, Milford, MA USA

Biomimetic vs. Traditional Skin Moisturization: An In vivo Comparison*

Petya Todorova, Peter Grant-Ross and Slobodanka Tamburic, School of Management and Science, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK; Ritva Kurimo, Laurea University of Applied Science, Vantaa, Finland

Ethylhexylglycerin: Highly Pure Quality by Patented Stabilization

schülke, Inc.

Research Articles

Silica Nanoparticles for Increased Cosmetic Ingredient Efficacy*

S. Nafisi, PhD and H. I. Maibach, MD, University of California, San Francisco

Natural vs. Synthetic Antimicrobials and HDAC as an Indicator of Microflora Health

Maureen Danaher, Durant Scholz, Erica Segura and Meghan Darley, Active Micro Technologies, LLC, Lincolntown, NC USA

Making it Personal: The Focus of Multifactorial Skin Care

Katerina Steventon, FaceWorkshops, LLC

Regulatory Articles

Asia-Pacific Update on Korean Organic Standards

Karen Yarussi-King, Raleigh, N.C., USA

Testing Articles

Defining and Controlling Frizz

Trefor Evans, PhD, T.A Evans Inc., Princeton, NJ USA

Sea Anemone Delivery of Collagen and γ-PGA for Anti-aging Benefits

Yossi Tal, PhD, Einav Danon and Amir Toren, PhD, StarletDerma Ltd., Caesarea, Israel; and Alain Khaiat, PhD, Seers Consulting, Singapore

Market Data Articles

Beauty Industry Growth: Mature Markets Offer Safer Investments

Robert Walker, Euromonitor International