Table of Contents:

September 2014

Editor's Note for this Issue

Formulating Articles

Sponsored Content–in-cosmetics Asia: Japan’s Leading-edge Market Put Into Focus

By: Sarah Gibson, in-cosmetics Asia

Photoprotection of TiO2 Using Propenoic Acid Esters

By: Robert S. Hu, Jean Zhang, Gary A. Neudahl and Craig A. Bonda, The HallStar Company

Sustainable Ingredient Science: Fossilized Coral Powder

By: Giorgio Dell'Acqua, PhD

Lysine Polypeptides for Dandruff Treatment

By: Derry K. Mercer, PhD, Lorna Miller, Jennifer Robertson; Linda Turvey; and Deborah A. O’Neil, PhD, NovaBiotics Ltd.

Research Articles

Skin Aging at the Functional Proteomics Level: Elastin as a Marker

By: Nava Dayan, PhD, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC; and Matthew Kuruc, Biotech Support Group LLC

An Approach to Develop Cosmetics for Multi-tonal Brazilian Skin

By: Doraci Aleixo Maciel, Dilene Foggi Bet, Edilson Luiz Rocha, Flavia Bogo Ribas and Valéria Maria Di Mambro, Grupo Boticário; and Érica de Oliveira Monteiro, E.M. Dermatologia

Testing Articles

Improving the UV Exposure of Sunscreen During In vitro Testing

By: Sébastien Miksa, Dominique Lutz and Céline Guy, HelioScreen

Quantifying the Performance of Hair Styling Products—Part 2

By: Trefor Evans, PhD, TA Evans LLC

Market Data Articles

Changing Consumer Landscape Impacts State of the Industry

By: Rob Walker, Euromonitor International