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July/​August 2014

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Challenges in Creating NPA- and WFM-compliant Natural Formulations

Victoria Cherepanov and Nava Dayan, PhD, Innovation KDC and Dr. Nava Dayan LLC

Bruise Amelioration and Skin Benefits from Glycerin and Triglyceride

C. Scott Danos, MPH Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA (Ret.)

Research Articles

Deriving Renewable Squalane from Sugarcane

Derek McPhee, PhD; Armelle Pin; Lance Kizer, PhD; and Loren Perelman, PhD; Amyris Inc., Emeryville, CA, USA

Nature-derived Care for Sensitive and Difficult-to-treat Skin Types

Katerina Steventon, PhD, FaceWorkshops, LLC

Regulatory Articles

Asia-Pacific Update: Hong Kong Regulations and ‘Green’ Awareness

Ben Teoh, Contributing Consultant, Penang, Malaysia

Testing Articles

Testing and Developing a Sugar-derived Surfactant Blend for Delicate Skin

Luigi Rigano, PhD, and Nicola Lionetti, Rigano Industrial Consulting and Research, Milan, Italy; Adriana Bonfigli, PhD, ISPE Srl, Milan, Italy; Giambattista Rastrelli, PhD, Kalichem Italia Srl, Botticino Sera, Brescia, Italy; and Andrea Baratto, Unifarco Srl, Santa Giustina, Belluno, Italy

Market Data Articles

Natural Beauty: Global Opportunities Remain

GCI Editors