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April 2014

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Efficacy and Elegance in 21st Century Sun Care

Julian P. Hewitt, JPH SunCare Technologies Ltd., Durham, UK; Jennie Teague and Paul Sutcliffe; Vivimed Labs Europe Ltd., Huddersfield, UK

Encapsulating Hevea brasiliensis for Improved Antioxidant Penetration

Thanaporn Amnuaikit, PhD, and Prapaporn Boonme, PhD; Prince of Songkla University, Songkla, Thailand

‘Very’ Water-resistant Sunscreens

Luigi Rigano, PhD, ISPE, Milan, Italy

Dolichos Cell Culture Extract for Protection Against UV Damage

Marida Bimonte, Annalisa Tito, Antonietta Carola and Ani Barbulova, Arterra Bioscience, Naples, Italy; Fabio Apone and Gabriella Colucci, Vitalab srl and Arterra Bioscience srl, Naples, Italy; Mirna Cucchiara, Intercos SpA, Milan, Italy; and Jacqueline Hill, CRB SA, Puidoux, Switzerland

Research Articles

Carotenoids for Dietary Photoprotection

Maxwell Xiong, The Waterford School, Sandy, UT, USA; Howard I. Maibach, MD, University of California at San Francisco, CA, USA

Regulatory Articles

Importing Cosmetics into Japan, Part 2: Distributor Licensing and Sunscreens

Ben Teoh, Contributing Consultant, Penang, Malaysia

Testing Articles

Sandblasting to Improve the Reproducibility of In vitro Sunscreen Evaluation

Sébastien Miksa, Dominique Lutz and Céline Guy, HelioScreen Labs, Creil, France

Market Data Articles

Global, Niche Opportunities Grow for Sun Care

Rob Walker, Euromonitor International