Table of Contents:

April 2014

Editor's Note for this Issue

Formulating Articles

Efficacy and Elegance in 21st Century Sun Care

By: Julian P. Hewitt, JPH SunCare Technologies Ltd., Durham, UK; Jennie Teague and Paul Sutcliffe; Vivimed Labs Europe Ltd., Huddersfield, UK

Encapsulating Hevea brasiliensis for Improved Antioxidant Penetration

By: Thanaporn Amnuaikit, PhD, and Prapaporn Boonme, PhD; Prince of Songkla University, Songkla, Thailand

‘Very’ Water-resistant Sunscreens

By: Luigi Rigano, PhD, ISPE, Milan, Italy

Dolichos Cell Culture Extract for Protection Against UV Damage

By: Marida Bimonte et al., Arterra Bioscience, Naples, Italy

Research Articles

Carotenoids for Dietary Photoprotection

By: Maxwell Xiong, The Waterford School, Sandy, UT, USA; Howard I. Maibach, MD, University of California at San Francisco, CA, USA

Regulatory Articles

Importing Cosmetics into Japan, Part 2: Distributor Licensing and Sunscreens

By: Ben Teoh, Contributing Consultant, Penang, Malaysia

Testing Articles

Sandblasting to Improve the Reproducibility of In vitro Sunscreen Evaluation

By: Sébastien Miksa, Dominique Lutz and Céline Guy, HelioScreen Labs, Creil, France

Market Data Articles

Global, Niche Opportunities Grow for Sun Care

By: Rob Walker, Euromonitor International