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2013 Issues

CT December 2013 Cover

December 2013

Resveratrol, Dioxane, etc.: Science vs. Beliefs

Color-travel Effects

IPD for Sensory, Efficiency

Visualizing Perception of Emulsions

Shea, ZAG and Anti-cellulite Benefits

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CT Nov 2013 Cover

November 2013

Beeswax and Other Naturals for Styling

Substantiating Anti-aging Claims

Measuring Deposition in Hair

Efffects of Pressure on SPF

Nanoparticles in Sunscreen

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CT 2013 October Cover

October 2013

Encapsulated Hydration for Lips

Optimizing Collagen Production

Reproducting SPF via Automated Spreading

Animated Nano-delivery

Testing Directory

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CT September 2013 Cover

September 2013

Knotgrass to Inhibit Infra'aging

Testing SPF 15-100, Indoor vs. Outdoor

Correlating SPF In vitro/vivio

Image Processing and Analysis for Claims

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CT 2013 August Cover

August 2013

The Green Issue

Sustainability in Cosmetics

Antibacterial and Anti-aging Licorice

Alternative Preservation for Skin and Hair

Green Surfactants and Emulsifiers

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CT 2013 July Cover

July 2013

Preserving Personal Care

Smart Materials for Triggered Release

EU Hair Dye Regulations

Temperature vs. SPF Results

Hair Care Directory

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CT June Cover 2013

June 2013

Hair Damage and Color Retention

Objective vs. Subjective Age Assessments

Fischer-Tropsch Products for Moisturization

Moisture and Repair for Skin Care Directory

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Cosmetics & Toiletries May 2013 Cover

May 2013

TiO2 Particle Size vs. Sun Protection

Sun Care Use: Beach Survey

Anti-aging Targets

AFM to Measure Corneocyte Age

Nonaqueous Emulsions

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Cosmetics & Toiletries April 2013 Cover

April 2013

Boosting Lather Rate

Sustainable Ingredient Science

Hair Ellipticity vs. Ethnicity

Microflora and Skin Care

H. Heterophylla for Anti-aging

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March 2013 Cosmetics & Toiletries Cover

March 2013

Gene-silencing for Skin Benefits

Silicone Microemulsion for Hair Conditioning

Correlating In Vitro/In Vivo SPF

Diffuse Reflectance and Efficacy Parameters

High Throughput Skin Penetration Test

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Cosmetics & Toiletries February 2013 Cover

February 2013

Skin Penetration Routes

Metabolism vs. Absorption

TCM Skin Whitening

Delivery and Efficacy of Actives

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Cosmetics & Toiletries January 2013 Cover

January 2013

Perfume Deposition in Hair and Skin

Controlled Release

Formulating More Naturally

Sensory Perception

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