Table of Contents:

November 2012

Formulating Articles

By: Luigi Rigano, PhD, Studio Rigano Industrial Consulting Laboratories
By: Isabelle Van Reeth and Xinyan R. Bao, Dow Corning (China) Holding Co., Ltd.; Kelli Dib and Roxanne Haller, Dow Corning Corp.

Formulating Hair Care Products: A Q&A With Vaishali Gode, PhD

By: Katie Anderson

Research Articles

By: Michael J. Fevola, PhD, Johnson & Johnson
By: M Estanqueiro (MD), G Bossolani, MH Amaral (PhD), J Conceição, D.Santos (PhD) and JM Sousa Lobo (PhD), University of Porto; and JB Silva (PhD) and CSF Gomes (PhD), University of Aveiro

Regulatory Articles

By: David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates

Testing Articles


By: Rachel Grabenhofer
By: Kathleen A. Martin, PhD, McCrone Associates Inc.
By: Kwangsuk Joo, Ongsoo Kim, Heonsik Kim and Jeungyeun Yoon, Hyechon College; and Jeongrim Ahn, Junkee Jang and Jaeun Song, Cosmetic Association