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August 2011

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

The Grass is Greener

Katie Anderson (Schaefer), Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Formula Anatomy Deciphered—Chelating Agents

Eric S. Abrutyn, TPC2 Advisors Ltd.

Ingredient Profile—Glycerin

Michael J. Fevola, PhD, Johnson & Johnson

Alternative Ingredients for Sustainable Shampoo Development

Denis Bendejacq, PhD; Caroline Mabille, PhD; Monique Adamy; and Jean-François Viot, PhD; and Irene Wong, PhD, Rhodia

Vegetal-derived Emulsifiers for Improved Stability and Formula Efficiency

Luigi Rigano, Industrial Consulting and Research

A Protein Approach to Solvent-free Extraction

Katie Anderson (Schaefer), Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Research Articles

Formula Troubleshooting—From Lab Bench to Production

Peter Tsolis and L. Grotzinger

The Harvest of Marine-derived Cosmetic Ingredients: A Case Study of Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae

Nava Dayan, PhD, and Albert Babik, Lipo Chemicals Inc.; Tim Higgs; and Howard R. Lasker, PhD, University at Buffalo

Testing Articles

Evaluating Hair Conditioning with Instrumental Combing

Trefor Evans, PhD, TRI/Princeton