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January 2009

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Nanotechnology and Skin Delivery: Infinitely Small or Infinite Possibilities?

Johann W. Wiechers, PhD, JW Solutions

An Herbal Blend for Antiaging Effects: TCM in Personal Care

Daniel Schmid, Esther Belser and Fred Z├╝lli, Mibelle Biochemistry

Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Effects of a Magnolia Extract

Jongsung Lee, Eunsun Jung, Sungran Hur and Deokhoon Park, Biospectrum Life Science Institute; Anthony Ansaldi and Roy Heckl, DKSH North America Inc.

Familiar with a Twist

Rachel Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Anticellulite Products: Ingredients and Efficacy Testing

Bud Brewster, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Research Articles

EGF-mimicking Peptides and Other Topics

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Fishing for Answers to Alopecia

Katie Schaefer, Cosmetics & Toiletries