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September 2008

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Special Interests

Rachel Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

Hair Loss Mechanisms and Treatment Materials: A Review

Masami Suzuki, PhD,POLA Chemicals Industry Inc.

Understanding Male Skin Care Needs: The Challenge of an Evolving Market

Zoe Draelos, MD, Dermatology Consulting Services

Color Formulary

Submitted by Suppliers

Formulating Ayurvedic

Emily Keats, Editorial Intern, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Research Articles

Skin Biology Review: L Neuropeptides, Immunology and More

Martin Rieger, PhD

Barrier Function, Hair Coloring and Other Literature Findings

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Rosacea: Cause, Triggers and Treatment

Mindy Goldstein, PhD, Estee Lauder and Eric Bernstein, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Regulatory Articles

Keeping Cosmeceuticals Cosmetic

Wen Schroeder, SEKI Cosmeticals LLC

Testing Articles

Sensitive Skin Syndrome: Methodological Approaches

Miranda Farage, PhD, Procter & Gamble and Howard Maibach, University of California School of Medicine

Responsilbilities in Outsourcing Clinical Testing

Theresa Callaghan, PhD