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September 2008

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Special Interests

Rachel Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

Hair Loss Mechanisms and Treatment Materials: A Review

Masami Suzuki, PhD,POLA Chemicals Industry Inc.

Understanding Male Skin Care Needs: The Challenge of an Evolving Market

Zoe Draelos, MD, Dermatology Consulting Services

Color Formulary

Submitted by Suppliers

Formulating Ayurvedic

Emily Keats, Editorial Intern, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Research Articles

Skin Biology Review: L Neuropeptides, Immunology and More

Martin Rieger, PhD

Barrier Function, Hair Coloring and Other Literature Findings

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Rosacea: Cause, Triggers and Treatment

Mindy Goldstein, Ph.D, The Estee Lauder Cos. and Eric Bernstein, M.D., University of Pennsylvania

Regulatory Articles

Keeping Cosmeceuticals Cosmetic

Wen Schroeder, SEKI Cosmeticals LLC

Testing Articles

Sensitive Skin Syndrome: Methodological Approaches

Miranda Farage, PhD, Procter & Gamble and Howard Maibach, University of California School of Medicine

Responsilbilities in Outsourcing Clinical Testing

Theresa Callaghan, PhD