Table of Contents:

January 2008

Formulating Articles

Compass: Innovation Through Interaction

By: R. Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine
By: N. Akhtar, Gulfishan, M. Ahmed,The Islaima University of Bahawalpur; N. Rahjha, BZ University; and A. Mahmood, University of Punjab
By: G. Pauly, MD; P. Moussou, PhD; J.-L. Contet-Audonneau, MD; C. Jeanmaire, PhD;O. Freis, PhD; M. Sabadotto; L. Danoux; V. Bardey, PhD; I. Benoit; and A. Rathjens, PhD, Cognis France, Division de Laboratoires Sérobiologiques

Skin Care Formulary

By: Katie Schaefer

Research Articles

By: I. Imbert, C. Dal Farra and N. Domloge, Vincience, ISP Global Skin Research Center
By: C. Fox, Independent Consultant
By: J.W. Wiechers, PhD, JW Solutions
By: B. Brewster, Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

Testing Articles

By: F. Kartono, Western University of Health Sciences and H.I. Maibach, University of California School of Medicine

In Sight—QOL Testing: Complementing Clinicals

By: K. Schaefer, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine