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2008 Issues

December 2008

Infant Skin Microbes: Protection From the Elements

Sensitivity and Skin Barrier

Baby Care Cleansers

Skin and pH

C&T November 2008

November 2008

Delivery of Actives Via Bar Soap

Microneedles for Cosmetic Delivery

Multilamellar Vesicles for Cleansing

Sun Care Formulary

October 2008 CT Cover

October 2008

Licorice and Other Skin Lighteners

Improving Hair Color Retention

A Preservative Booster

Who's Who in Testing

September 2008 CT Cover

September 2008

Testosterone Levels and Men's Care

Hair Loss Mechanisms and Treatment

Cosmeceutical Claims

Color Formulary

August 2008 CT Cover

August 2008

Probiotics and Natural Skin Microflora

Measuring Antioxidant Potential In Acai Extract

Poss: New Additives for Unique Properties

New Raw Materials Encyclopedia

July 2008 CT Cover

July 2008

Silicone to Enhance the Feel of Oils

Biomimetic Antiwrinkle Peptide

Tool for Sensory Customization

Zeolites to Reduce Odor

June 2008 CT Cover

June 2008

Coconut-derived Surfactants

Polymers in Personal Lubricants

Recent Advances in Biopolymers

Hair Care Formulary

May 2008 CT Cover

May 2008

Amino Acids to Repair UV Damage

Ultrasound to Test Colloidal Particles

Microalgae in Nutricosmetics

Iso and Harmonization

April 2008 CT Cover

April 2008

Algal Extracts for Homeostasis

DMAE, Retinol and Mineral Salts for Antiaging

An Aquaporin-inspired Cosmeceutical

Web Directory

March 2008 CT Cover

March 2008

Greening Personal Care Chemistry

Polyquaternium-74 for Hair Conditioning

Standardizing Botanicals

February 2008 CT Cover

February 2008

Quenching Excited States

Polyalphaolefins to Enhance Stick Formulas

Controlled Release of Fragrance

January 2008 CT Cover

January 2008

Grapefruit Juice: Effects on Melanin

Sirtuins and Antiaging

Peptides for Epidermal Cohesion

Skin Care Formulary