Table of Contents:

August 2007

Formulating Articles

Compass: When Worlds Colide

By: Rachel Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries
By: Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr., Siltech LLC, Thomas G. O’Lenick, University of Tennessee, Laura Anderson, Rollins College
By: Simon R. Biggs, Richard A. Williams, Qingchun Yuan and Lyn S. Daintree, Institute of Particle Science & Engineering, University of Leeds
By: Robert Y. Lochhead, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi

Bench & Beyond: Nanoparticles as Delivery Vehicles

By: Bud Brewster, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Research Articles

By: J. Helen Fitton, PhD, Mohammad Irhimeh MSc, and Nick Falk, Marinova Pty. Ltd.

New Raw Materials Encyclopedia

By: Katie Schaefer, Cosmetics & Toiletries
By: Charles Fox, Independent Consultant
By: Sanford Simon, PhD, State University of New York

In Sight: Formulating For Fido

By: Katie Schaefer, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Regulatory Articles

By: David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates