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January 2007

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Compass: Touching Us All

Rachel Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Derm View: Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer: Role of Antioxidants

Sirui Jiang, Danyi Quan and Howard Maibach, MD

Protecting Skin from UV Oxidative Stress with a New (Cys-Gly)2 Dimer Peptide

A. Plantivaux, Sophia Antipolis University; E. Bauza, T. Marchand, C. Dal Farra and N. Domloge, Vincience Research Center

Perfluoropolyether Phosphate and Skin Renewal: The Therapeutic Index

Giovanni Pantini, PhD, Solvay Solexis SpA; Andrea Brunetta, PhD, Kalis Srl; Carmine Ostacolo, PhD, Antoia Sacchi, Antonietta Bernardi, PhD and Sonia Laneri, PhD, Federico II University

Mutations in Mitochondrial DNA as Principal Aging Factor

Daniel Schmid and Fred Zülli, Mibelle AG Biochemistry

Sun Care Formulary

In Sight: A Direct Connection to Melanocytes

Katie Schaefer, Cosmetics & Toiletries

Research Articles

Technically Speaking: Peptides in Hydrocolloids to Gel and Viscosify

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Preparing PIC Emulsions with Very Fine Particle Size

Jürgen Meyer, Gabriele Polak and Ralph Scheuermann, Goldschmidt Personal Care

Bench and Beyond: Correlating Water Contact Angles and Moisturization/Sensory Claims

Olga V. Dueva-Koganov, B. Scott Jaynes, Colleen Rocafort, Shaun Barker and Jianwen Mao, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.

Regulatory Articles

Tech Edge--Getting Ready for REACH

Mindy Goldstein, PhD, Estèe Lauder Companies