Table of Contents:

January 2006

Formulating Articles

By: Anja Gestmann, PhD, and Judith Bucher, National Starch Personal Care
By: J. Guth, PhD, and C. Cappabianca, Lonza Inc.
By: James Ziming Sun, PhD, and James W. Parr, Schwarzkopf and Henkel

Color Formulary

Bench & Beyond: Using Phase Diagrams to Follow Fragrance in an Emulsion

By: Bud Brewster

In Sight: Fragrance and Cosmetics -- Sharing Strategies

By: Rachel Chapman, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Research Articles

Heralding the Future, Appreciating the Past

By: Laurie DiBerardino
By: Nava Dayan, Ph.D., Lipo Chemicals Inc.
By: Charles Fox

Testing Articles

By: H Zhai, MD, and HI Maibach, MD, University of California School of Medicine