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March 2005

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Improved Delivery and Efficacy with Dimethyl Isosorbide

Pascale Rossi, Uniqema, Applied Research and Technical Service; Johann W. Wiechers, PhD, Uniqema Skin R&D; Caroline Kelly, Uniqema Applied Research

Manufacturing Microalgae for Skin Care

Patrick Stolz and Barbara Obermayer, Pentapharm LTD

Sugar: An Underestimated Natural Material

Barbara E Brockway, PhD, Optima Chemicals Ltd.

Anti-dandruff Efficacy of Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate Versus Coal Tar

Guido Gayko, PhD, Jürgen Warnecke, MD and Claudia Volger, Scientific Department, Ichthyol-Gessellschaft; Hana Zelenkova, MD, PhD, Private Department of Dermatovenerology

Evaluating Polyimide-1, a Styling Resin for Gel and Mousse Formulations

Nancy Clements, International Specialty Products

Protecting Against UV-induced Degradation and Enhancing Shine

Philippe Maillan, Anna Gripp, Fintan Sit, Roland Jermann and Hörst Westenfelder, DSM Nutritional Products AG

Properties of Surfactants: Conditioning

Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr., Siltech LLC

Research Articles

Polypodium leucotomos and Other Topics

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Copyrights Copyrights and the Law

Larry Plonsker, CHemical Network Associates