Table of Contents:

December 2004

Formulating Articles

By: Joanna Newton, Stephanie Postiaux, Catharine Stoller and Veronique Verhelst, Dow Corning Europe; Shaow Lin and Michael Starch, Dow Corning Corporation
By: Roger E. Stier, Ph.D., Noville, Inc.
By: O.D.H. Santos, F. Sacai, M. Ferrari and P.A. Rocha-Filho, Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas de Ribeirao
By: Ken Jones, Aloecorp Inc.
By: Hong Geun Ji and Jung Sik Choi, H&A PharmaChem

Research Articles

By: Charles Fox

Regulatory Articles

By: Ken Klein, Cosmetech Laboratories

Testing Articles

By: Theresa M. Callaghan, Hill Top Research Inc.