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January 2004

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Makeup Powders Preservation and Water Activity

Valerie Vignier, Anne-Marie Mounier and Veronique Heidet-Hommeau, Laboratoire de Biologie Végétale Yves Rocher; and Bernard Cahagnier, Expert en Microbiologie

Frequency of Use of Preservatives 2003

David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates

Low Molecular Weight Tannins of Phyllanthus emblica: Antiaging Effects

Ratan K. Chaudhuri, Cristina Hwang, Germain Puccetti, EMD Chemicals Inc. and Gilles Guttierez and Mustafa Serrar, Texinfine

Research Articles

Novel Approaches for Molecular Biology and Skin Care Products

Lawrence A. Rheins, PhD, and Nicholas Benson, PhD, DermTech International

Sunscreen Efficacy Validation and Other Topics

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Testing Articles

Evaluating ACD Frequency After Reducing Exposure to Sensitizers

N.O. Wesley and Howard I. Maibach, MD