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January 2003

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Polyurethane-14 AMP-Acrylates Copolymer: A Hair Fixative Technology with "Memory"

Gary Martino, Melissa Vitale and Penny Vanemon, National Starch Personal Care

Cell Adhesion: A New Approach to Tissue Protection

Laetitia Moreau, Sylvie Bordes, Maud Jouandeaud and Brigitte Closs, SILAB S.A.

Research Articles

Dietary/Nutritional Supplements: The New Ally to Topical Cosmetic Formulations?

Alain Thibodeau and Édouard Lauzier, Atrium Biotechnologies Inc.

Refractive Index Matching: Principles and Cosmetic Applications

James Ziming Sun, PhD, Michael C. Erickson and James W. Parr, Advanced Research Laboratories

From Green Tea to Dibenzoylmethane Derivatives

Charles Fox

Testing Articles

AMS Revolutionizes Absorption and Metabolism Studies

Bruce A. Buchholz and Howard I. Maibach


James V. Gruber and Kevin O'Brien, Arch Personal Care Products