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February 2003

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

BEMT: An Efficient Broad-Spectrum UV Filter

Sebastien Mongiat, Bernd Herzog, Cyrille Deshayes, Peter Konig and Uli Osterwalder, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Algal Active Substances

Xavier Briand, SECMA

Pigments as Photoprotectants

Jose Ginestar, Pierre-Fabre, Center for Research

Choosing Thickening Agents for Emulsions, Part I: Water Phase Thickeners

Ken Klein, Cosmetech Laboratories

Research Articles

Efficacy of Self-Tanners and Other Topics

Charles Fox

Testing Articles

ATP Bioluminescence: Detecting Microbial Contamination in Dentifrices

Luis Jimenez, Consumer Product Testing Co.