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September 2003

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Bismuth Oxychloride–A Multifunctional Color Additive

Qinyun Peng and Mark Tellefsen, EMD Chemicals Inc.

Color Development Using Silicone Emulsifiers and Dispersants

Yun Shao, PhD, David Schlossman and Eric Smith, Kobo Products Inc.

Penetration And Metabolism Of Isoflavones In Human Skin

Daniel Schmid and Fred Zülli, Mibelle AG Cosmetics; Hans-Peter Nissen and Hanspeter Prieur, Derma Consult GmbH

Chinese Medicinal Plants Up-Regulate Melanin Biosynthesis In Vitro

Wu Keke and She Jianrong, Department of Chemical Enginerring, Dalian Insittute of Light Industry; Wang Haiying, Institute of Nuclear Technology, Tsinghua University

Research Articles

Nanotechnology and Polymer Brushes

Larry Plonsker, Chemical Nework Associates

From Assessing Hypopigmenting Agents to Translucent Cosmetic Solutions

Charles Fox

Advances in Dry Skin Stratum Corneum Biology and Moisurization

A.V. Rawlings, AVR Consulting, Ltd.