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December 2003

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Underarm Technical Review 2003: Consumer Drivers

Eric S. Abrutyn, The Andrew Jergens Company

Linear Polyethylenes and Long-Chain Alcohols in Underarm Sticks and Soft Solids

Allison Hunter and Melanie Trevino, New Phase Technologies

Color-Travel Cosmetic Pigments: Interference To The Max

Phil Linz & Qinyun Peng, EMD Chemicals Inc.

Soap: Our Old Friend and Great Emulsifier

Ken Klein, Cosmetech Laboratories

Research Articles

Antiperspirants and Other Topics

Charles Fox

Regulatory Articles

European Union Update

David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates

Testing Articles

A Screening Technique for Antiperspirant Testing

O. Wunderlich, T. Frase and B. Hughes-Formella, Bioskin