Table of Contents:

January 2002

Formulating Articles

By: Jane Hollenberg, JCH Consulting
By: James H. Brown, Robert Kleiman and Melanie Cummings, International Flora Technologies Ltd.
By: E. Desmarthon, D. Hericher and M. Seu-Salerno, LCW

Research Articles

By: Charles Fox, Independent Consultant
By: Jurij J. Hostynek and Howard I. Maibach, University of California School of Medicine
By: Kostas Kostarelos, Farmeco Co.; and Lawrence A. Rheins, PhD, DermTech International

Testing Articles

By: A. Pagnoni, Hill Top Research Inc.
By: S. Richert, A. Schrader and K. Schrader, Institut Dr. Schrader Creachem GmbH