Current Issue cover

January 2002

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Surface Treatment of Cosmetic Pigments

Jane Hollenberg, JCH Consulting

Oxidative Stability of Botanical Oils in Color Cosmetics

James H. Brown, Robert Kleiman and Melanie Cummings, International Flora Technologies Ltd.

A Light-Diffusing Concept for Antiaging Effects in Makeup Formulations

E. Desmarthon, D. Hericher and M. Seu-Salerno, LCW

Research Articles

Technically Speaking

Charles Fox, Independent Consultant

Silver, Titanium and Zirconium: Metals in Cosmetics and Personal-Care Products

Jurij J. Hostynek and Howard I. Maibach, University of California School of Medicine

Biotechnology Impacting Cosmetic Science: Altering the Way Cosmetics are Perceived

Kostas Kostarelos, Farmeco Co.; and Lawrence A. Rheins, PhD, DermTech International

Testing Articles

Photoaging and Photodocumentation

A. Pagnoni, Hill Top Research Inc.

Comparing Methods to Measure Porcine Skin Integrity In Vitro

S. Richert, A. Schrader and K. Schrader, Institut Dr. Schrader Creachem GmbH