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April 2002

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Preservation of "Atypical" Cosmetic Product Systems

John I. Yablonski and Sharon E. Mancuso, Bio-Control Service Group Inc.


Charles Fox

Cryptotanshinone for Treating Acne Vulgaris

Nae-Gyu Kang, Ji-Eun Park, Young-Sook Song, Jung-Ah Kim, Mun-Eok Park, Yong-Hwa Lee, Jong-Tae Lee, Wan-Goo Cho and Seh-Hoon Kang, LG Household & Health Care

Multifunctionality: From "One in More" to "More in One"

Johann W. Wiechers, PhD, Cock Verboom, Vincent A.L. Wortel and Wim A. Starmans, Uniqema

O/W Emulsions Enriched with Vitamin E

Jelena Djordjevic, Gordana Vuleta and Jela Milic, University of Belgrada; Hongbo Zhai and Howard I. Maibach, University of California at San Francisco

Heat- and UV-Stable Cosmetic Enzymes from Deep Sea Bacteria

Claire mas-Chamberlin, Fracois Lamy, Philippe Mondon, Sebastien Scocci, Laurent de Givry, Francois Vissac and Karl Lintner, Sederma; Lawrence A. Rheins, PhD, DermTech International

Regulatory Articles

Frequency of use of Preservatives 2001

David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates