Table of Contents:

July 2002

Formulating Articles

By: G. Guglielmini and A. Cristoni, Indena S.p.A.
By: Johann W. Wiechers, PhD, Frans J. Groenhof, Vincent A. L. Wortel and Richard M. Miller, Uniqema; Neil A. Hindle, Uniqema; and Anthony Drewitt-Barlow, Hill Top Research Inc.
By: Thomas P. Redick, Galllup, Johnson & Neuman; Larry Rheins, PhD, DermTech International

Research Articles

By: F. Distante, L. Rigano, R. D'Agostino and A. Bonfigli, Institute of skin and Product Evaluation; E. Berardesca, San Galicano Dermatological Institute
By: Charles Fox