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October 2002

Table of Contents:

Formulating Articles

Treatment of Photoaged Hands

Barbara A. Green, Brenda L. Edison and Yaling Lee, NeoStrata Company Inc.

Defending Against Photoaging: A New Perspective for Retinol

Axel Jentzsch, Harald Streicher, Valérie Andre, BASF AG

Whitening Complex with Waltheria indica Extract and Ferulic Acid

Liye Maeyama, Cognis Japan

Amine Oxides: A Most Versatile and Underutilized Material

Ken Klein

Regulatory Articles

Claims Support Literature Review-Part I, Skin Care

Charles Fox

European Update

David C. Steinberg, Steinberg & Associates

Testing Articles

Video Imaging in the Measurement of Makeup Efficacy and Performance

Rodolphe Korichi, LVMH Lab R&D

Testing for Dioxin and Furan Contamination in Triclosan

J. Menoutis and A. I. Parisi, Quantex Laboratories Inc.

Using Tissue Engineered Skin to Eveluate the Irritation Potential of Skin Care Products

Bart De Wever and Véranne Charbonnier