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April 2001

Table of Contents:

Regulatory Articles

Establishing the Dividing Line: Is Your Product a Drug?

Robert J. Buta, Philip G. Trager and Edward J. Murphy, Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc.

Testing Articles

Cyclic Testing: Demonstrating Conditioner Benefits on Damaged Hair

Sidney B. Hornby, Mar-Tech Contract Services Inc.

Computerized Measurement and Correction of Color Cosmetics

Nick Morante, Color Science Laboratory, Estee Lauder Companies;and Stuart Axelrod, Presperse Inc.

Literature and Patent Review: Analytical and Test Methodologies 1990-2000, Part I

Charles Fox, Charles Fox Associates

Preservative Efficacy Testing of Aqueous Cosmetics and Drugs without Counting Colonies

D.S. Orth and K.S. Delgadillo Eck, Neutrogena Corp.